Knitter's Pride Waves Crochet Hook Set

Knitter's Pride Waves Crochet Hook Set

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Set of 9 Crochet Hooks

  • US C (2.75mm) - Iris
  • US D (3.25mm) - Ivorine
  • US E (3.5mm) - Magnolia
  • US F (3.75mm) - Maple
  • US G (4.0mm) - Tangerine
  • US 7 (4.5mm) - Bluebell
  • US H (5.0mm) - Laburnum
  • US I (5.5mm) - Primrose
  • US J (6.0mm) - Pansy
  • Single ended aluminum crochet hooks with sturdy yet soft grips
  • Color coded grips, unique for each size
  • Perfectly smooth silver finish
  • Thoughtfully packed sets of most frequently used sizes, in faux leather case with see through vinyl

Sizes are listed in approximate US sizes -AND- exact metric sizes for your convenience. 

NOTE: US Sizes vary by manufacturer. Please verify the millimeter (mm) sizes to ensure that the hooks you are ordering are the right ones for your project. Crochet hooks may not be returned or exchanged.