Schacht Ladybug Spinning Wheel

Schacht Ladybug Spinning Wheel

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The Ladybug can be used in Scotch tension and double drive modes. It comes with medium and fast flyer whorls; add the extra slow, slow, high, and super high speed whorls for a wide range of ratios.

Included with each wheel are a poly drive band, threading hook, three travel bobbins, medium and fast whorls, and double drive band. Each Ladybug wheel is unique—somewhere on your wheel is your very own ladybug pal.

Tempe Yarn is an authorized Schacht dealer. We have floor models of Schacht wheels that we provide for use in classes and for customers to “test drive” before they buy their own. When you are ready to purchase, we will order a new wheel just for you that can be shipped to our shop for pick-up or drop shipped directly to you from Schacht for an additional fee. 

We encourage spinners to try out different wheels and e-spinners, and to compare their feel and features before making a purchase. We are happy to schedule a time for you to sample our wheels and discuss them with one of our staff members to help find the one that best fits your lifestyle and spinning goals.  To order a wheel, to schedule a time to “test drive” our floor models, or to inquire about upcoming spinning classes, call us at 480-557-9166 or email us at