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This undyed wool fiber comes from one farm with two fiber labels. Products labeled Woolhalla Tunis are from sheep living at a small urban farm in Queen Creek, Arizona. Products carrying Farm at the End of the Road labels are wool collected from other small local farms, and on the label they identify the farm and the sheep so that you have “fleece with a face.”

Fleeces are sheared by Mick Hoffman of Fountain Hills, and processed by Ranch of the Oaks Fiber Mill in Prescott Valley. Your roving has been grown, sheared, milled, and sold all within about 100 miles, a truly All-Arizona product.

Below are descriptions of each breed to aid in your selection.  We have additional quantities if you need fiber for a larger project, and we stock even more breeds in-store.  We carry over 20 breeds at any given time, which change as new fleeces become available for processing.  For more information, give us a call at 480-557-9166 or email us at info@tempeyarn.com.  We are happy to let you know what breeds we currently have available.  


Corriedale is a premier fine wool fiber that would be excellent as a next to the skin project. It is a reliable, multi-purpose wool that works well for spinning, knitting, crocheting, or weaving. It felts nicely as well. Our roving comes from Rose Marie who lives on a small farm in Moab, Utah.

Cotswold cross roving is amazing! Mama was a Cotswold so there is Longwool staple length and shine, and just the right amount of twist from the famous Cotswold curl. Papa was a down breed, so there is great loft and a bit finer micron. This fiber is a perfect showcase for natural or commercial dyes and would make a great yarn for an outerwear clothing project. Roving is from Meg, a ewe at Farm at the End of the Road. 

Navajo Churro is probably the oldest sheep breed in North America, is a Livestock Conservancy Shave ‘Em to Save ‘Em fiber, and the foundation of the great Navajo weaving tradition. This dual coat fleece has enormous versatility – our roving has both coats processed together so that the long sturdy outer coat provides strength and the shorter more malleable inner coat mellows any seeming harshness. Navajo Churro fiber is excellent for weaving, for outer wear, and for felted fabrics. 

Pasture Cross fiber comes from unknown, mixed breeds, or cross-bred sheep, but in the mix can come one of a kind amazing wool qualities! This particular roving is medium stable, fairly fine micron, and very white! Test samples show great loft and durability. This roving is one of a kind – and when it’s gone, it’s gone, so order plenty for your project. 

Romney, with its drop-dead gorgeous luster, is the go-to Longwool breed for many spinners. It gives a great long-draw spin, and will make wonderful art yarn, or robust outerwear. This fiber is anxious to felt and will make a sturdy fabric. The inherent luster gives an extra dimension to both commercial and natural dyes. This roving comes from a 60-year old urban farm in Phoenix, Arizona.

Southdown is the breed from which all other down breeds were developed, and every desirable down quality is found here! It is a rather short-staple versatile, resilient, dense fleece perfect for socks, mittens, hats, and everyday sweaters. The fiber offers next-to-the skin softness and good durability; it is not eager to felt, so is perfect to showcase complicated stitchwork. While this roving is 100% Southdown, due to a processing error, it *cannot* be sold as a Shave 'Em to Save 'Em fiber. No Livestock Conservancy passport sticker will come with your purchase

Tunis wool is a Livestock Conservancy’s Priority List Shave ‘Em to Save ‘Em fiber, and what we stock comes from the Woolhalla Tunis flock in Queen Creek, Arizona. Tunis is a down-like breed with all the great characteristics that implies. There’s plenty of “squoosh” in this fleece that comes in all shades of ivory, cream, and oatmeal, and there’s a bit of “grab” in the fibers which allows for a focused controlled spin. This strong sturdy fiber doesn’t easily felt, and so is perfect for complicated pattern work such as cables or fancy bobble stitches.