Yarnologist Gift Card

Yarnologist Gift Card

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Explore Tempe Yarn and Fiber to discover all of our amazing yarn treasures!
Rescue them from their shelves and receive your rewards!

4 easy steps for becoming a TYF Yarnologist:

Step 1: Choose what Yarnologist level you want to be: 
Tier 1- $100 gift card
Tier 2- $200 gift card
Tier 3- $300 gift card

Step 2: Receive your Reward Card, which will be mailed with your Gift Card:
Tier 1- 1 x 20% off total purchase
Tier 2- 2 x 20% off total purchase
Tier 3- 3 x 20% off total purchase
           *normal discount rules apply*
           Call the store at 480-557-9166 for more information.

Step 3: Shop Tempe Yarn, YOUR "LYS" and rescue the yarn!

Step 4: Use your reward card for great savings.

Note: Gift Cards and Reward Discounts can only be redeemed in-store. 

Products you see in our online store can be purchased with a Gift Card and/or Reward Card discount by calling us at 480-557-9166.  You can also arrange a Virtual Shopping appointment to see other in-store items like our locally hand dyed yarns and fibers.

Your membership helps you save money and rescues more than just yarn!